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Hey guys, Hope you all are doing fine in these tough times!
I have a thing to share. I was in a relationship since 4 years, and it all started in college. I have certain medical issues, due to which I will not be able to carry a child. Earlier my bf was supportive with that. But In past one year, his parents have kind of brainwashed him, and now he did break up with me saying he himself is not ready to face the challenges.

So, my question is to all the INDIAN BOYS…Is this thing soo important for you, that you just break someone’s heart and shatter all her dreams and trust. I thought we are living in 20th century, where people are more forward and not conservative.

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No matter what century we live in people will not change in India…Your guy had to be supportive…I know its difficult for him to overcome his parents will, but he had loved you for wat ur not for what u can give him…It takes courage to get though this… I know its hard to take in but stay strong… I am sure there are guys who will accept these things…


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