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Hey, guys…Hope all are doing well…
So, tell me I am wrong or fool. Because most of people in my life actually say that I am a fool. Why? I will share with you guys.
So I am in love with a girls since school days. Being in love with her it’s been 18 years and it’s still going on , the interesting part she never loved me. She always had that clear conversation that she can’t love me and I never forced her.
My friends , my relatives they all are suggesting me that meet new people , who knows you will have this feeling again with someone. I tried but it’s not like that, I can’t lie someone that yaa I love you, it’s not just a word for me. Loving her without having her is a foolishness?

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Ok, What do you mean by move on?

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Karishma @humane_bubble

You’re such a pure soul.❤️


Bas ek advice hai aapke liye. Never date or marry a girl agar aap completely move on nahi kar paa rahe apne past se. It’s gonna hurt the other person you are involved with. I mean TRY to move on but kisi person ko use kar ke nahi.


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