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Jayathri Jaya @jayathri

Hey guys
Good morning ⛅
Today is also a rainy day ☔, I started my day with a hot cup of tea then I thought that
“why don’t I start writing books or short stories?”
Now you guys tell me can o work on that. If you support me and lift me I’ll give rise to my words and thoughts
Please tell me your opinion in the comment below, please
Thank you

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Syed munaver. @vijqy

The untold love


Great good luck with writing

Hansika @siya_07

Yeah definitely bro!! Best wishes

Jayathri Jaya @jayathri

Thank u guys, will you support me


Yup, start cheyyu

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Srishti @sris

Hey girl go for it. If you like to write and this is what you wanna do then just start from the very moment. Good luck👍


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