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hey guys, do you think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves in terms of jobs, family, relationships, careers? Where did the spirituality, live in the moment go? What if we constantly pressure ourselves up to the point where we find ourselves living the lives we didn’t want? Have you thought about it? I certainly did through mindfulness and therapy sessions. What are your thoughts?

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

hey! I absolutely agree to this. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves BUT also, the society puts a lot of pressure on us. There are certain timelines set by the society that by certain ages, you have to attain certain things in life. For example, you have to be say married by a certain age or you should have a family by a certain age. But why? What if someone does not want that for their life or themselves? Why do we succumb to the pressures of society and live according to how they expect us to live.


Well, that’s something my therapist calls ,a script". It is something our parents handed to us and so it just passes on. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. You can just say NO. And it is not so easy as it sounds. As soon as you start putting boundaries and say no to things you don’t see fit for staying in your life, people will judge you, be mad at you, especially your family. But your state of mind has to be STRONG, and you have to believe in yourself since, in the end, it is yours, only your life so dear and precious to you and we ain’t going to live forever so we might just as well enjoy it while it lasts by doing stuff we want!


We are always expected to perform things in a certain way and that brings pressure with it.Also, the fear of failure is inscribed in almost all of us so deeply that it actually takes a lot of courage to breakthrough from the pattern of the careers you choose,the person you get into a relationship with,the ideal time you should get married and basically the way you should lead your life.And yeah in this pattern we sometimes lose ourselves and just become the slave of this legacy.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

You figure out it correctly. In today times we see so many people working on their dreams, making their own ways, taking so much family, peer society pressure. But irony is that we do all these to be happy but we doing all these are not so happy, we are just pressurising ourselves so much which leads to depression, anxiety and much more horrible things. 
This is superbly sad.

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