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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

hey guys, been thinking about this a lot recently. i have always been compared to my best friend, she naturally stunning, doesn’t need makeup, is a size 6. always has a boyfriend and is alway out. i have always felt like the ugly friend in comparison to her, i get so self conscious when she wants to take photos. i have to wear big jumpers to cover my body. i am also not very good at makeup. anyone else feel like this?

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Hi,based on what u said I’m assuming that u are below 20.
What I want to tell u is let no one tell u that u are not beautiful. Not even your own mind.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Why people are very much concerned about the external beauty? Your external beauty is not the whole you, it’s a very very tiny small part of YOUR entire self.
What that defines you is your personality, your character, your mindset and your attitude.
Please never let that negative feeling come to your mind my friend. Self love is very very important, if you only dont love yourself then who will love u?
I am a person with very low self esteem and self love, but I’m working on it and one day I will be definitely there for me. And I want to u to be there for u too.
I’m a male and for me the real beauty is what comes form within the other person. I used to fall for outer beauty too but that attraction will fade away one day for sure. And people no longer fall for the external beauty. If anyone is falling for that, then trust me they will only be there for a lesser amount of time. Eventually beauty fades and everyone will get wrinkles someday. but u know what will be there throughout your life it’s what your character and personality.
And its absolutely okay if you want to look nice, after all we all are humans right, we want to look better, do better. It’s ok if YOU want to reduce few pounds go for it do whatever u can do. Or if YOU want to look better do whatever it takes, but at the end of the day do it only for YOURSELF. Not just to impress anyone. Everything should be about u in your life. I’m sure that looking nice will boost your confidence but do it only if u want to do it ,not just because someone will approve or validate you. I always used to run after my friends approval,family approval. But not anymore, from now I will do something only of I want to do it .
Please don’t let anyone tell you that u are not beautiful, not even your own mind. Take care

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

thank you so much for commenting to this, you have honestly made my day. It brought tears to my eyes, thank you. this lockdown thing just makes you think about every single thing in your life. i have always gone on someones personality rather than their appearance :)

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Joshua @mjg

The way you see yourself matters a lot.
If i do compare myself with others,then i will definitely struggle either to be like them or win them
If i dont compare myself with others,then i will definitely appreciate what i have as a person.
Success in anything is not comparison to what others have done but its what you have done compared to what you were supposed to do.
As you,you may see that your friend is successful in one way or the other,but its not about that,believe in yourself and you shall see a change in your life.


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