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Siddhant @siddhant

Hey everyone. This is my first time i am writing something like this where i am telling how i feel about my life. I just passed class twelfth, obviously low score. Parents as usual unhappy, rather dissatisfied. I had PCM. I was never made for these subjects. Parents thought it’s the only way to be successful in life and on their saying i took these subjects. I never understood a word about chemistry. I could understand any reaction. I never understood the concepts of physics, though I tried a lot to understand these but never succeeded. My only hope was math. After my result, i scored the lowest in math. And nobody cared the fact that even though i couldn’t understand a thing about science still i managed to score 75%. My dad says i never tried to work hard. And sees a great disappointment in me. But who will tell him that his son scored in the subjects which were beyond his reach, subjects others feared to study. I just want my dad to know this. I never told him that I can’t understand a thing. He never asked me that if i was comfortable with the subjects or not. And i don’t know what to do in life because he still wants me to go in science field.

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No one 111 @jarul

Hi you definitely need to tell him this. Maybe read it out to him, because you’ve expressed yourself quite clearly. There are so many vocational subjects that don’t need marks. But please, don’t take up design. Just don’t.


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