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Hey everyone. So i started smoking up when i was in 10th grade because my friends were doing it. I though it was “cool” and did it under peer pressure. Slowly and gradually i got addicted to it. I went through a terrible break up in 12th grade after which i started smoking up every single day. I used to stay high all the time to numb my pain. And now i am in my 2nd year of college and i can see how this is ruining my life but i am not able to stop. My parents dont talk to me anymore and the only friends that i have are those who smoke up. I dont have any real support in my life who can help me get over this emotionally

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Rohan @rohan

Start by reducing the amount you smoke every day. Then gradually keep decreasing it. It’s all in your mind. Your body achieves what your mind believes. Make up your mind about quitting and you’ll be able to do it

Shruti Singh @shrutisingh

You’ll get through it. Stay strong.

Kashika @kashika

I feel so bad, yet I feel you’re very strong that you’re still fighting through it. You can contact me any time if you need a friend, I’ll be very glad to help you out :)


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