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hey everyone,im zoey but my perferd name is zach,im not none binary but i am bisexaul,and im 12 years old,yes im young and uum im turning 13 in 2 months and 1 week so thats fun but i wanna talk about my uncle,i had to clean my room today and he cheeks every bit of my room,and i had to hide every lgbtq,bi pride,gay pride,lesbian pride stuff in my room…he is very against lgbtq…but only with me and my siblings he supports everone else…exept us one day while my friends were over he caught us cuddling and holding hands and i layed my head on m friends leg while we were watching tv…he yelled at me while my friends were in my room…he yelled because well,he says that being lgbtq…is wrong and im just using him when idek what he was meaning by im using him,i cant do anything with my friends anymore,i mean i can hang out sleep over and all that shit but if i do anything with them in my house…i get yelled at,i cant wait to leave anyways thats all for today,be back tomarow have a great day yall bye! 😇😎👋

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Hey you brave soul! I want to tell you that you are super duper brave to be talking about this so openly. I would just suggest you to study super hard and get out of here. Honestly that is the only thing that is going to help you in the long run! Good luck for your journey! <3
Let me know if you ever want to talk about something that’s troubling you. Atleast you can vent it out to me. That will make you feel better. :)

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Simran @st1199

That’s great to hear that you finally know how you feel about yourself.
And, Happy Birthday In advance! May you get everything you wish for :)

Also, yes there are people still who are against LGBTQ Community and some won’t change their mind and we can’t do anything except explain them the scenario. Same goes with your uncle. Rather than trying hard to make his opinion change just ignore when he is around and do everything when he isn’t. As you grow the more mature you be the more fluenty you will be able to handle him. For now, you are turning 13, just have fun and enjoy your pandemic birthday haha.


Hi that’s all okey I love the way you are sportive 💖

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Issy @lostandconfused

I’m 12 too!! And I feel the exact same way and have been going through the same as you! ❤️ My parents say 12 is too young to decide your sexuality and anyways once I come out to them they won’t accept me anyways I mean we could always runaway and move in together hehe



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The Batman @bear00

You are really a shame for your parents…
A biggest regret for them


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