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hey everyone im back,and i just read all of the coments on my last post,and thx for the saport,so im gonna talk about yesterday witch im very hurt over but my boyfriend im scared that he will be even more hurt over it…so yesterday after school i went to the park with 2 of my friends,1 is non binary and pansexual the other is just pansexual,but before i tell you what happend i need to tell yall about my boyfriend,now were not dating anymore cause of his mom but were planning on getting back together when im 18…see he is…17 rn he just turned 17 september 18th and were an online,long distance couple we met on an app called chat gum,we talked for 1 day and fell inlove but…we didnt find out eachothers ages till the 3rd week of us dateing,i asked him out and he said yes obviasly now when we found out about eachothers ages well we stayed together cause we love eachother,on the 2nd months of us dateing we told are parents about us everything exept the online part and are ages we didnt say online cause both are parents are agents that and same with are age gap,but his mom found out about my age and forced him to break up with me,we still acted like a couple but were justa little bit more friend zoned,1 night he got his phone tooken away cause he was on it all day talking to me,and he snuck it out of his parents room and he got caught and he is grounded from it now,we havent talked at all this month because of his gounding but i still text him long paraghraps every day telling him how my day went and just telling him how much i love him and miss him,well yesterday while i was at the park hanging out with my friends my just pansexual friend kissed me and that was my first kiss ever and i promised my bf that he would be my first kiss and the person to take my v-card and well she kissed me and i left cause i was so scared of telling my boyfriend and him breaking up with me about it,btw he is the biggest simp youll ever see, and well obviasly i told him about it in the paraghrapes and well im scared to see his reaction maybe ill see it when he gets his phone back…idk,me and him planned on getting married and having kids together…im scared of what will happen look here too see photos of me,my bf,and who kissed me well copy and past ig

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Simran @st1199

Just relax. It will be okay.
You don’t have to get hype for everything that’s happening. You didn’t kiss them they did so it’s not your fault. However, if you didn’t say anything to them then it’s your fault as well.

Don’t be in this attitude of having kids and getting married at this stage please. You guys are just kids right now. No one FALLS IN LOVE in 1 Day. It’s just an attraction and after you both get along for many years then use all the terms.

It requires access to see the photos however you shouldn’t send photos to anyone whom you don’t know. It’s not needed according to me. In the end it’s your choice.


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