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Aditya singh @adityaaaa08

Hey everyone idk how does it work and all but i need to share so I’m sharing this that i always had toxic people around myself and I’m always lucky enough to get myself away from them but at the end i don’t have anyone genuine friend or any relationship which is like genuine and also I’m scared of relationships nowadays cause I got serious but thesedays it’s just about flings and what not i feel alone sometimes 😌 that’s it for now ,thanks.

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Hey! It’s good that you got away from toxic people. I’m sure you will find genuine friends too


hey,I relate to this 100%. I get it how it’s hard to find a genuine friend who has your back now a days.

Aditya singh @adityaaaa08

Ikr😬 what can we do


Idk! You’re looking for a friend,I’m looking for a friend.Let’s try and be each other’s friends that we are looking for lol.

Aditya singh @adityaaaa08

Okay so how can we connect?

Aditya singh @adityaaaa08

Okay got it but he has posted that as an anonymous so I can’t 😅

idk_ @idk_

I’m a she

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