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Hey everyone I now know why I’m still single I’m too shy

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Comon dude,atleast you don’t fake it and are true to yourself.
Everything is temporary brother.
You will definitely have someone.
I know it feels like you want someone to read your mind but that’s not possible.
Shy people have a heart of gold and someone worth it is not that easy to find.
Love ya pal

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Quinc @twinkle589

Hey i dont get…you say everything is temporary and then you say you will find someone… that means that person is temporary too right…??? I am really confused…can yoy explain …plz


everything we surround ourselves with in this world is temporary. Nothing is forever is what l mean.
You will not be tomorrow what you are today.
Haing a person beside you to witness these transitions and in return witness theirs and still accept and understand each other is awesome.Like parents,siblings, friends or better half.
Yes,the person be temporary but might be permanent too in your life.Its a game of time.You give things time ,they reveal their true self.
We should have a taste of everything in life in the required,or one day when we close our eyes to see our life,all will be filled with regret.

This is what l mean.
Love ya

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Hey Dakota, what’s the problem with being single? What do you get out of a relationship.

Behind the shyness is an error. Shyness comes from what you think you think others think about you.

You may think that being small will secure approval and keep you safe. It doesn’t work like that.

It’s great that you own this side of you. Now let go of identifying with such a character. You are not that.

You are not your beliefs, your thoughts, and your body. You are aware of being aware of them.

Did this make sense? Hope it helps you see yourself a better way.

Peace and Love ✌️

Have a good one.

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