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Hey everyone I hope you’re all doing good. I am an obese girl trying to lose weight. From past 1 month I have been cutting my portion size, reducing my carb intake and working out few days a week. but i can’t see any results. I know weight loss takes patience but I am really freaking out now. Please share some of your experience or motivation to help me fight this.
My motivation to lose weight is :
1. Both parents side have diabetes, I am at a high risk
2. I have been bullied several times in college for my weight. Have been called baby elephant, panda. Been rejected by guys who wouldn’t want me to sit behind them in bikes. Been insulted infront of college
3. I wanna look sexy for once in my life.
4. I have lost all my confidence. I used to be very friendly and outspoken. Now because of my weight I feel very conscious. I dont even feel like meeting my old school friends.

Please no hate comments. I want to feel positive.


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I have to smile at the baby elephant comment though…
Anyways what’s your training regime and diet routine. I’ve to go over that to suggest some changes. I don’t know about how to prevent diabetes aspect but any other issues you have, you can tell as well


You should sleep enough and don’t skip meals weight is just a number if scale isn’t showing any changes then measure yourself there might be some inch loss which is even better try out old clothes if they are fitting perfectly or not .
I am also overweight we both can achieve our goals .
All the best girl :)


From my personal point of view u can have Green tea twice a day…yoga practise 1hr morning nd 1hr evening…avoid oily and sweet food items…mediate …this things vl surely help uhh to overcome wt just coz i have experienced it…


hi don’t let your appearance dictate how you feel about yourself. At the same time working out and eating healthy is important. Fitness is a lifestyle it’s not a journey so don’t expect results in 3-4 months. It takes time for your body and mind.

You’re doing great taking the first step towards changing yourself, the rest will take care of its own :)