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Someone @sejalparihar19

Hey everyone
I am new here want to share something
In this world somewhere I realized by my experience that being a good hearted is person is not good where only bad people win everything by their right or anything but good people have to understand everything. Why this happened and how to handle these type of people who are jealous of you and possessive of you.
How to keep calm and smiling without any worry

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🕊✌🏼 @furyinside_404

I don’t know if you believe in it or nor but Karma takes care of such stuff. You are good and that’s what your usp is. Maybe that’s what differentiates you from them. It will be hard but just be smart in the way you deal with people so that you don’t get hurt.


Knowing that you are being used by others and they jealous of you is actually the first step from moving from those people. Mark boundaries , since you are a giver. Start from there. Restrict your social service. Initially you will feel ki you are being mean or anything but that’s just you growing mature.
Also it’s okay to not smile all the time, let your emotion flow properly . On how to stay calm , well that takes practice. Breathing consciously, exercises help. But experience help the most, coz of familiarity.

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