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Hey everyone,
I am a Narcissist abuse survivor ! I didn’t even know what this meant a year ago.
I got married to a man in 2019 May. After all the emotional, mental abuse and manipulation I’ve decided to file for a divorce. Before filing for a divorce I did think about getting seperated and looking if the relationship still works out. But no this man is shitty. Once I seperated from him I got to know all his tactics.
Narcissists are emotionally incapable and irrational. They just feed on supplies. They are egoistic . They do not take accountability and responsibility of anything done wrong by them. Even if it is a emotional abuse. If you confront them about their wrong doings they manipulate you and it becomes a threat to them because they do not like to be questioned!
These kind of people are least bothered about the emotions of others. All they are bothered about is their expectations and ego feed.
Narcissists do not treat their kids well. They abuse them too in a long run. They are irrational and incapable beings . In short they are inhuman.

Here I am boldly filing for a divorce. I am at peace. Because it costs you peace then it is really expensive. With great hope of future. Loving and empowering myself

Meghana T V

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You deserve the best for yourself, never settle for less…


Definitely not settling for anything less 🙂 thanks this means a lot

Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Well Meghana, more strength to you.
being emotionally and mentally abused, you did file for divorce for your mental peace and health that’s really brave of you. Yes Peace comes at a cost, I agree with you.
It’s good to love yourself and empower and become independent is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Thank you 😌 means a lot 🙂

Shashidhar @shashidhar117

More strength to you 💪🏻
Do surround by positive people.
You can ping me if need some one to talk n share your feelings


I’m in the same place as you. How did you get the courage to do it? Aren’t you scared of starting fresh with someone else ?

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Mani @mani_maran

Absolutely amazing and kudos for having the courage. Look up dr Ramani on YouTube, helped me a lot in understanding.

dudette @dudette_13

More power to you… Good you could identify these early enough… many people spend decades compromising in marriages.

The world is your oyster


Hey, Im sorry to hear about what you went through. I too am narc abuse survivor. Id like to connect and chat with you if you like.

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