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crystal @prity06

Hey ! Everybody
Sometimes I feel like it’s better to be quite but it’s not easy ! We have to take so many decisions for career , set goal , running for our dreams and lot more… Actually now I’m an 18 year old girl who don’t know how to take decision for myself , I’m always being confused what to choose …these things always being a task for me to choose anyone …
But yeah i always try to motivate myself , everything will be fine dear, not to worry you’re not the only one who facing these problem , but still it’s not enough to make to make me feel good , i always wondering there is something but i don’t know what it is , i try my best to deal with every suitation but I’m not sure about it … Hhh! My life has just started I’m behave like everything is come to an end …
Feeling miserable 😖

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Mayank @true_who


Listen it’s fine .That happens .That phase of confusion but eventually as time goes ,we got mature enough for that situation. Hame lgta hain ki we r not able to take proper decision,but jb time aata decision lene ka ham manage kr lete hain .Jyada socho mat iss bare mein . Overthink krte baithogi vrna . Why u r feeling miserable? Want to tell ? Aisa toh nahi ki u hve decided something and now that decision is haunting u?

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shiva kumar @shivavolley99


18…oh that tooooo early to think this kinda thoughts…just go with the flow …if your decision is right you will succeed or if it’s wrong than you will get an experience to not to repeat…

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