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One Sided LoveThought


hey do you ever love this guy but he won’t love you back and that is the most hurting feeling.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

One-sided love can happen. Think of it positively tho, that it is better to not be with someone who does not love you back and rather wait for the right one to come. Sometimes, going into such a relationship leads to further tensions. Consider yourself lucky that you know that he does not love you, as some people do not even know that and just expect it to happen.
Work on you, try to divert your attention by ignoring, and accepting the fact that someone else will come who will love you. As love is pure and needs to be coming from both sides. Feel free to talk if you have any thoughts and need any help. Just let it out and it’s ok if you can not ignore him and are having a hard time. Take your time!

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Simran @st1199

It’s not necessary that the one you like has to like you back.
Feelings can’t be forced but it comes from within.
One has to accept the fact that some love remains one sided and not feel bad about. We are human beings and can’t force ourselves into something we don’t want, right?


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