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Hey All,

Today has been a really bad day at work. We went through some insights with our client and they spotted an error on the calculations. Instead of telling them that we would “relook at the data”, my boss deliberately humiliated me and tried to pin it on me for creating the typo. To top it off, he reprimanded me as well in front of them. I feel this is very unjust as I went through the insights with him on 3 different occasions. During the 3 different occasions, he could have called it out but instead, remained silent until the actual presentation. I’m very upset and embarrassed to face the client now. I feel so dumb and felt that I’ve totally lost the client’s trust…

Thanks for reading. Comments would be appreciated.

3 replies

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

first of all, you are not dumb, dont let anyone undermine your intelligence or your ability to do tasks. you got that job on your own merit and you worked hard. second of all, thats so unprofessional of him, my boss used to make inappropriate jokes about my body in front of customers, i was only 16 at the time. you are amazing and i wish you the best of luck in everything you chose to do :)


Hey thanks for the reply! I can’t believe your boss would make inappropriate jokes about you in front of your customers. That’s unprofessional of him/her. Are you still in that job?

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

the thing is, it was right next door to my house and i really needed the money. i was just about to quit and then obviously corona came and it closed anyways. they have left and arent coming back so i am so happy. i dont think i want to go back though, even with new bosses. literally gives me PTSD


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