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Hey all new here today something bad happened when I am in a shop then people told me that I am fat and in this world only white and skinny people can live and told me to loose weight what should I do now I lost my mind started crying

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Never let anyone make you feel low or like you are not worth the world, because you are and it is your duty to yourself to remember that. People will always state their opinion, whether it is required or not. It’s their job. Figure out how you feel about yourself, because that is what matters the most. And if you feel overweight, exercise; but not because people are saying you need to but because you actually want to. This world is for all, white and black, fat and skinny. Because underneath this skin, we are all blood and bones and I would like to see someone try to distinguish between that. I hope you feel better and rise above these people who have no other job than to bring others down.


Tht shopkeeper definitely crazy…

Our world has all sort of ppl living in it tall,short,dark,fair,slim n chubby too

So don’t let someone words effect u

Ur special the way ur πŸ™‚


Those people are shitty heads because they are jealous of how you are…
You are awesome…
Keep ot up. ✌πŸ”₯