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Hey all, I wanna know what motivates you to lose weight ? I tried finding one but didn’t get any. Would someone help ?

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Khushboo @khushboo

Yes, everyone needs some motivation for losing weight. Without motivation, we feel to give up the thought.
Since you want to lose weight, what can motivate you is to stay healthy and have a positive lifestyle. After all, health is wealth.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… I guess i always try to find it and once i found it… It only last upto one week or so. 
But i motivate myself by saying that i wanna look good and do good and keeping body healthy and fit will only help me out. 


Just see yourself in the mirror qurstion,are you ok with the way look you nowif yes then there is no reason for you to lose weight,if no they you get the reason to lose weight

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Tracey @itsonlytracey

My motivation is yesterday. I do one day of whatever I am trying to do (lose weight, read more, go to bed early…) and then from there I keep myself motivated by thinking about yesterday. Did all that work I did yesterday mean anything? Would the me who lived through yesterday be okay with the me today giving up? This normally leads to me pressing on.

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igottabekidding... @heartonthesleeve

Firstly, welcome to Now&Me and thanks for sharing your concern with us.
Honestly, long-lasting and healthy weight loss takes a lot of time. It is sometimes not the most enjoyable thing to do but the reality is that health is of paramount importance and we cannot ignore it just for the lack of motivation. The best way is to rely on discipline at first, rather than waiting for motivation/motivator. The beginning of every task takes discipline and once you start seeing results, that’s the motivation you were looking for. Just push yourself for a week and then let the results motivate you.


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