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Hey all
how are you today
hope you all had a good day
And coming to me i am a 23yr old working and hustling to be financial stable before my parents decide to send me out by marrying , the job am working is ok for me to survive but its not enough tyring to fing passive sources but could not if u guys have any ideas do let me know and alspo how is ur wok life are you enjoying are you ok with your work and money you earn

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Hey there,

You seems really ambitious and someone who likes to explore different things. (so am I)

Work life is work-work. It’s not because I can’t finish my work in dedicated time, it’s because I don’t exactly know what to do otherwise so I keep myself busy in my work (which is at least better than wasting time on IG etc)

I always look for people to brainstorm or discuss logically on some random ideas :)


yeah even i look for people who can discuss randon ideas for furture or just some useful conversations …
work is just the thing we do to survive like kuch tho hai which is paying bill and all but not heatfully we are satisfied with it

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