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Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Hey a girl told me that she’s interested in me and since both kf us don’t find dating all that cool. So we decided to keep it casual.
But i don’t know nothing about this CASUAL so please help me out about it and tell me what it is

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Khushi @khushi2001

How about you ask her instead?
She might be able to explain you well

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

No actually the thing is we will meet and talk all about this but there’s still time to that cause I’m out of town and i don’t wanna go unprepared when i meet her so that’s why i am asking you guys about it

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Khushi @khushi2001

I’m assuming you guys have decided to keep the meeting casual and not the relationship itself.
In that case just be cool and behave as you would have behaved with any of your female friends in the case of your attire, choice of venue, no gifts etc

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Ya the attire would be simple tshirt and jeans… The place is kinda romantic tho… It’s a side of lake which is very beautiful and ya no gifts

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Thankyou sis for your help

kb_calm @kb_calm

If it is a person who is not a close friend to you and you are sure you would not develop feelings for her later or her for you, then go for it, but both of you should be clear that it is a casual relationship, most of the times one person develops feelings first and it turns messy, if u want things to be casual dont have that kind of a thing for a long time, casual realtions work only when they are for a short period…

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Okey… Will surely remember that. Btw thanks buddy for advice

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