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He’s gone
We broke up today, less than a month before our 1 year anniversary. Suddenly he stopped believing in relationships and started calling love an arbitrary word. He called me an arsehole and told me I was being juvenile. It was our second relationship. The first one had ended in heartbreak for me, because of him. But I had decided to give him a second chance. I feel like I’m destined to live with a broken heart all my life. I still love him, I can’t stop however hard I try.
“ You could break my heart in two, but when it heals it beats for you “

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I hope you get strength to go through this and come out a better person. Love is always so conditional for one person and unconditional for other. we can’t decide what can happen with us but we can change how we feel about it gradually.

Going through similar situation. Let’s keep in touch here :)


Thank you, this really means a lot.


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