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He’s been playing with me from the start but I always convinced myself and people around me the otherwise until the point where I actually forgot what is happening is unfair to me and I got immune it.
Last night someone showed me again that he’s playing and all the forgotten thoughts came haunting me. Now I feel like I’m half sunk in a ship.
He’s getting absolutely everything he wants, I even have plans to do something about it but …
I’m overthinking. I’m at the point where I really need to get my shit together. Be consistent on my work cause there’s no other option.
How do keep my thoughts away and focus on things which are important?

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What immense situation you are going from, i might wont be able to feel that but to clarify your thoughts and for your heart at peace just small advice from other side:
If you know its breaking you ,you have all the power to break it. Just do it for yourself your peace.You are gonna get through this ,you are stronger than you think.

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