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Hereโ€™s what happens with me every time .
I get connected to people โ€ฆas soon as i know that I m getting attached to em โ€ฆmujhe dar lgne lgta ki theyโ€™ll leave me abandon me โ€ฆto an extent ki mujhe dar ke kar panic attacks aate us person se baat krne me kaapne lagte haath dar lagtaโ€ฆand the consequence is ki humari bonding kharab ho jaati โ€ฆit ruins up everything to an extent jb tk hum dono ek dusre ke liye toxic na ho jaate โ€ฆand ye guilt roz marta mujhe ki I m ruining the life of someone i love the most โ€ฆkabhi kabhi i myself cut off โ€ฆdye to this very reason and the latter also gets fed up eventually. What should be the solutionโ€ฆanyone ?

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Donโ€™t overthink and just be yourself. Take responsibility of your life. Learn meditation and stop taking yourself seriously

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Aditya @aditya05


Bhai hota toh mere saath bhi yehi tha but I analysed that and found that ki meri unse expectation zarurat se zayada ho gayi thi aur ham kisi se bhi kuch bhi expect nahi kar sakte maybe aapka bhi yehi reason ho???


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