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No one 111 @jarul

Here are some thoughts I have had about my cat in the last 4 weeks: What does he see with his eyes and mind? What does he want? Does he understand the world? Is he happy? Does he know how much we love him? Does he know I would die for him? Like literally I would jump in front of a moving vehicle for him. Does he like his food? Does he hate his food? Does he want friends? Why Is he scared of dad? Its because he keeps whistling at him like he’s a dog, I hate that. He’s a cat, talk to him like a human baby not an animal, it’s like 10 times a day “Dad he’s not a dog!!! Don’t whistle at him don’t clap at him!!” What is my dad’s plan with socks? Is he trying to condition him to the whistles so he likes him more than he likes me? Why is socks sleeping on my dad’s pillow next to him? Has the whistling worked or is my dad sneaking in extra treats? What is my dad’s game? Why can’t he just let socks hate me less than him? If he becomes second last then I’m right there at the bottom with strangers who want to touch his butt or give him a bath. Can I convince dad to get another cat, blaming socks’ loner behavior on his need for a companion or will dad try to make that cat like him more too? What’ll happen if I have 2 cats who hate me? How will I know all of this? Who is John Galt?

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