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Well, I met this guy 4 years back when he was even shy to sit beside a girl closely but I always had this ability to make people comfortable around me and slowly as days passed even he started to open up with his issues and started sharing almost everything (Note: It was always me who used to text him and many times he used to not reply to my texts even if he was online, but I still didn’t leave him). I knew I liked his personality by then because he was not like other guys who always expect girls to do flirty talks or wear some fancy stuffs to attract attention and the best thing was he was a big time introvert which is one of my criteria to date someone because I feel if a guy is an introvert he would give all his time only to me, only did I know later that people change. Today, I have been dating that guy for past 2 and half years but in these years he has become more busy, has become more workaholic and the worst part he loves to give time to his new friends too. Where am I in all this I don’t know. Yes he do say good morning goodnight love u n all but I don’t feel connected anymore. It’s not like he is ignoring me but I feel my part of time is being shared with these new friends. Yesterday he asked me to tell all our classmates date of birth and when I asked the reason he told me that even after leaving the college he wants to maintain all these friendships for the future. Maybe I should be happy with this new person he has grown into but I am not able to accept it. I was introvert and maybe for 2 years in the middle I tried to be extrovert but later I understood I am not an all time party person or all time enjoying with friends and gossiping n talking person so after some time I came back to my original introvert form but now my boyfriend has been in that extrovert scenario for almost 3 years I guess. There is not a single day when he talks about his new friends. There is no talking about us anymore I feel and am scared, when our relationship will become long distance one, I don’t think he will have time to talk to me everyday. He keeps asking why don’t I say something about my day, but I always feel there is nothing new in my everyday life. I live my life alone with my own company so what am I supposed to say at all. Please help me out what should I do or think or say. I feel the whole relationship to be a formality now. I don’t want to feel like that. Please help me guys…

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Maybe he just wants to hang out with his friends more. You want to keep him all to yourself, you don’t feel the least bit selfish? I mean sure I would want to always be with the person I love at all times but thats just going a bit too far. Think about it if you were him and you just explained how you two dont feel connected anymore. I bet you would feel like the other person doesn’t care about your life. You are too clingy and sometimes, you just have to let him roam free. Life is all about the freedom you get while you are young.( I cant say shit cause I’m only 13 but oh well ) You should consider the way he spends his time. If he wants to have friends, then maybe you should.

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I agree with @nemisisss but if he enjoying who he is now and you helped him into it. Maybe ask him to do the same for you and ask what he feels about his transformation. People(especially introverts) don’t make random decisions.


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