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Help please

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So my ex and i reconnected this year after a years gap and we work in the same office i used to see him with a girl everyday and it made a tad bit jealous ngl but after we broke up he hasnt been with anyone and neither have i so when we reconnected he told me all abt it they are all in the same friend circle and she admitting to liking him bt he doesnt have any feelings for her she isnt her type and all that. But after we started talking he still entertained her went out on breaks with her.And then eventually he started giving all his time to me. And he keeps on a pedestal tbh. So i never complained. However i confronted him today bez i saw their old chats where he used to text here to come downstairs whenever he arrived to the office. Even said that u owe me 2 beers when she found her no he said oh u finally found my number. I know all this seems petty bt it hit me that why did he kept entertaining her. So i confronted him real bad and he started 😭. He felt so bad and said it was all normal she was just a friend who means nothing now and he 😭like a baby now i feel bad bt still i didnt get my answer as to why did he entertain her for so long in the 1st plsce

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