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Vishal Reddy @being_rebel


Mysterious room with magical doors is a disturbed mind ,
Unfurling it’s emotions with the tune of thoughts ;
Insecurities hitched up by the avoidance a-lots ,
Causing mental damage to the soul that’s lost .

For all the sleepless nights and lazy days unkind ,
Waking up with the thoughts that slept in the mind ;
Obsessed with the past and worries of the future ,
Close ones being deaf to the screams of heart to hear .

Staring at the stars with shattered thoughts in loop ,
Stoic head messed with migraine on the top ;
No hopes held to drag out of the darkest room ,
Stifling the choked voices of emotion to it’s doom .

Sorrows and sufferings clasping the mood swings ,
Anger at it’s peak hitting against wall till the hand bleeds ;
The sadness tides waving up to the flood of fears ,
Tears soaking the pillows and hiding in showers .

Tranquil thoughts turned huffy in the aura of suffocation ,
Dark circles carrying stress in the stinking bate of delusion ;
All it seeks is a shoulder beside to cling and yelp ,
Unhinged mind with a howled heart is in need of a help .

With all these rushes concomitantly in mind ,
Aroma of melancholy turning fresh every wynd ;
Thoughts of ending it all from the world far a mile ,
A depressed mind wraps it all with a flawless smile .

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2 replies

Beautifully written

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Vishal Reddy @being_rebel

Thanks much


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