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Help me.

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what’s up? you alright?


Not exactly. Everything in my life is bad. I have becoma a huge failure. And everyone keeps coming at me , makes me feel like a shit, even my family looks down on me. I dont even have any friend. I am so tired of this life. I dont know what to do. I just want everything to end. I dont want to deal with any pain. Everyday i just have to go through a lot of shit. I dont know what dis i do to deserve such horeible lifw. Idk just help me


well you have a friend here now. you’re safe here. you can talk to me about anything. don’t be too hard on yourself. everyone’s diff and you’re awesome the way you are. the thing is life gets hard sometimes but at the end of the day we’re gonna find our way out of it. life is full of amazing things, you just need to find out all the little things in life and enjoy the process. ITS OKAY JUST BREATHEEEE. rmb, right at this moment the past doesn’t exist, the future hasn’t happened yet and you’re just living in the now. everything is gonna be okay. go do something that makes you feel good and happy or the things you enjoy doing. i know it’s super hard to be positive all the time and that just completely unrealistic. but if you mind moments to appreciate the now, i’m sure you can find some positivity there. i hope that help. stay strong!!


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