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Hello where ever you are!
I have something that can not stop thinking about and would like to hear you opinion too, what would you do. It is a long story but I will make it as short as possible.
There is a person (let’s call her BB) who i know already a year, we work together. I always felt I was not just a friend for her but I was too afraid to be honest with myself because I’m a girl too and never ever experienced something like that. But deep in heart I also know I loved her so much… Loved her with my whole heart. Few months ago she finally asked me if we wanted to be together but I said I was not ready for new relationship (i really was not…). After few weeks she made a girlfriend…
Here is the thing: from the day we met BB always would tell me to go to her country to study or live for sometime and I alsoto study or live for sometime and I also would promise her that i would do that. As a result I got admitted in one of the universities of her country few days ago ! But the thing is I just can not tell her about it…the reason is that I don’t want to study with anyone else from the people I know(I know her girflriend too). If BB hears that news who would not want to tell her girflriend about such possibility and offer her to send the documents in the same university as me… People, please understand me, I can not and I don’t want to be around her girlfriend, especially in another country. But if I tell her not to tell
it to anyone else (that technically includes her girlfriend too), I know it will make BB such a bad girflriend because of me. What would you do? Would you tell her about this news?

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Why are some people so mean? 😢
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