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2 replies

Hello Now & Me, well I have a suggestion about this platform, so I know this platform since 2021. At first, it was really good, because you had strict policy towards toxic comments and dating BUT NOW it isnt so… There are more and more people who leave toxic and unacceptable comments and make connections only just for dating, People here write anonymously of what they feel but some creeps and *diots spoil things, they use the benefit of being anonymous to judge the post’s owner instead of understanding and being symphathetic… All of you who are reading this must be concerned. I am saying concerned not blaming anyone, Yes for the ones who would say that if you can easily hit block button and that’s all, but that;s actually not all… Please read again the community guidelines, it takes courage to share how one feels, and then when someone else intrudes with toxicity, it is actually hard, you will block that user today, you will block them tomorrow, but keep in mind how long you will continue doing it? And also do you think of the people who are really emotional, they SEE your negative comments before they block it, do you? The point I am trying to make is that this problem needs correction from its root. If you have negativity in your head, please share all your problems here but don’t share your negativity in a way by leaving your toxicity to other members of the community. Ignoring IS NOT an Option always… Thank you for reading and take care


Ya I kind of agree with you. But some people just don’t understand that they are being negative but for the one who is already sunken in trouble will read take the negative comments first. Toxic comments cannot be ignored at all.


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