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This is himanshu
Basically i have a crush on one girl whom i know since 2 yrs but we dont have a face to face talk ever 
We were talking daily for last 6 mnths and as i have a crush on her she found that and having being overcaring and possesiveness she find that am interested
Now she block me and dony want to talk to me and now wanna your help how can i get her back as she had blocked me everywhere and now am living like hell plz dont ask to move on as i want to her anyhow

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Hi, it’s quite sad that she did not understand your feelings but maybe she feels the same about you. Maybe you did not understand that she was just not interested in you. Please understand you can not be with her unless she wants to be with you because at the end of the day love need to come from both ways. Respect her decision and give it time.


Is giving the time is best solution as she had blocked me everywherea d asked not to msg otherwise she will tell her parents and it been 2 mnth that we hadnt any talk

Venky @venky

Just try to talk any how and ask what the problem and  understand about her felling

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, try to have a face to face interaction with her to let know where the things went wrong. Try to understand each other and respect each others feelings. I hope she will understand you.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… Just try to talk to her personally. And try to make yourself clear on whatever she has doubt. And if she really doesn’t wanna talk then i believe you should respect her emotions.
And also i know your emotions are hurt too… I know that feeling ,but i also know you can’t force someone to be with you. If they wanna stay, they will stay.


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