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Hello there! So I am still married but separated from my husband last summer. There is this guy I’ve been flirting with since then and even before that. We went out a couple of times, we talked a lot, opened our hearts, flirted a lot, bonded, but nothing more happened. He’s always been hot and cold. Things seemed to be lifting up lately, but then he started acting weird, avoiding talking to me, avoiding eye contact with me. I texted him yesterday to see how he’s doing with all the CODID19 madness but he hasn’t replied. I know he has his issues because he’s still recovering from a health problem he had. But can’t he see he’s hurting me with this behaviour? Do you think his behaviour has anything to do with me still being married and not sure about getting a divorce? Or is he just not that interested?

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Hey! I’d say, it’s good to deduce a bit, but beyond a point, assumptions do more harm than good. Why not try and see if an honest conversation is possible with this man? After all, I think you sound quite interested in him and in getting to know him. I don’t think this is a casual fling for you, am I right? And to start a new relationship on a shaky foundation when you have trust/insecurity issues because he doesn’t prioritise you is not a good thing. You’re a queen! And you deserve a man who treats you like one. No less. xx


You need to frankly ask him what’s the reason behind his changed behaviour! He could tell you straight if something is bothering him ! We aren’t god and we human tends to assume something if we don’t know the exact reason! And these assumption may proove harmful for our mental wellbeing. . So you should open your heart and tell to him that his behavior hurts you… you have already suffered a lot and you don’t deserved to be more depressed with these kind of untold behaviour of that person!
Take care! !


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