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Hello there.
I have been watching movies and no movie is making any sense to me. I feel numb.
I used to write poetry in my mother tongue, but now I am not been able to write.
I don’t have many hobbies because I was stuck with an exam all these years.
Right now when I have all the time in the world, I am listless.
I know all this is so incoherent, but that’s me. Sorry, if this feels random.

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Hi hope you are well, All great writers experience writer’s block. Just take your time to understand your feelings having all the time in the world is good for reflecting and trying to experience new hobbies and thing

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Gelo @shalloman42

Weird… my friend just had the same problem as you xD
I agree on the comment, nice advice.
But, one thing is for certain though - yes, you have time now so EXPLORE!
It’s better late than never! And my friend gets inspiration in writing by traveling, maybe you should travel too, I mean not right now since… you know… hopefully you know what’s happening… yeah…
Maybe video gaming could also be a hobby of yours ~:D join the dark side, young acolyte…
Good luck stay healthy and stay alive :P


It’s completely normal to go through this kind of slump every once in a while. Maybe you could take some time to just relax and reflect on your feelings. Don’t feel as if you always need to be doing something or have many hobbies. Doing nothing can be enjoyable too! If you are looking for more inspiration, you could look at art or photography or listen to music. Keeping a diary is also a nice way to get your ideas flowing, and it helps to pass the time.


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