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Hello there, I found the address of website from instagram where I follow the page of ideas and innovations. I was jealous reading the post because if i could make this idea work and if might i have received this idea in my mind.
I want to be an entrepreneur but I don’t have a startup idea. I want to make my own company but i dont know how. I want to be financially stable  but i dont know how.
I have tried 3 startup ideas where i have failed making them work. And I had started my side hustle i did not continued because i was paying my installments of my loan which I had not taken so i was thinking i am not getting profit but actually i was getting. 
Now a days I am working as a medical Representative, this job is not 9 to 5 but it is 24/7 i only get time to sleep. I have completed 16 months working in. Now my age is 21 and i am stuckkkkk
What the hell am i doing ? This is the only question i am asking again and again.
When i start working i just repeat only words like I am not happy with my work.
What should I do ??

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Vikram @vikram

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Heyyyy, shouldn’t feel jealous but inspired instead! Maybe you’ll come up with another idea which is great. Don’t limit yourself. Keep pushing yourself and focus on what makes you happy and makes you feel content in life. Don’t give up. All the best!!!


Remember this You are still 21 and at this young age you have already tried 3 startups where people at this age are still probably partying and enjoying there life.
Secondly the starting part of your problem even not knowing is okay but figure it out it is not necessary that you should know this now.

Kartik @kartik

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Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, please stay motivated. Life is all about struggles. Since you are trying for long time, don’t worry you will settle in life soon.
Stay satisfied with what you have.


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