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Some days my mind goes really blank. Like there is nothing going on there, completely blank. And then there is this small pinch of sadness that overshadows everything and I do not feel like doing anything at all. I know I need to work to improve my life, but the motivation does not come. I have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Sometimes I envy those who actually have found true love. I am in too much self doubt. I just hope I can overcome whatever is happening in my mind.

Post anonymously?

You’ll definitely overcome it, all you need is little motivation in your life as you’ve mentioned. Find a way to keep yourself self motivated.

It’s okay, if you haven’t found your partner. Now a days people are abusing social media to post their perfect life,ideal partner,what they eat,where they spend their money and so many things.

It’s create false representation of life for the deprived. In that pressure we feel we lack something in our life and start creating self doubt. Don’t envy others cause soon it will escalate to hatred.

Take control of your mind before it wanders into no mans land. Follow your passion or make a wish list that needs your attention. Keep feeding positive and useful information to your mind. Small changes in your thoughts will create huge impact in your life.


I kind of know what you’re going through but know this - true love can’t always be your soulmate, it can be your friends, parents, cousins, basically anyone. Love can’t be brought from a place, it is just found. We can’t envy someone who has a good life because someday, someone will envy you.