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Hello, so recently my parents separated from each other and it’s been really rough, I would not have a problem with them separating because I understood that was the best choice since their relationship wasn’t going well because of cheating. So now I am living with my mom and it was working out I noticed that it was way more peaceful in the house then it was before, however, lately I learned that my dad was still contacting my mom and eventually that progressed to threats and “stalking” (my mom already filed a restraining order), so I decided to talk to my dad about this and with that conversation I noticed that I couldn’t convince him that all that he was doing was hurting her, so I asked a question involving the fact the he messaged her about seeing her google search history and not liking what she searched up, since I already knew the answer to that question I wanted to see if he was going to lie to me and guess what, he did, at that moment I just felt like I couldn’t trust him anymore, I also learned the he got my mom fired from her job, and that really make me sad, I couldn’t believe my dad was doing that, and now We probably won’t even be able to sustain ourselves, but the worst part is when I heard my mom crying when she was in the shower, that really messed with my heart, the only thing I don’t want to happen is her crying, lately I have also been feeling useless, not that I have suicidal thoughts, I would never do that, It is just that things have been so hard lately that I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know if anyone is gonna take their time to read this, but still, I just needed to let some stuff out you know.

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