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Hello please I need advice I’m so confused
I got really close to one of my new friends recently she’s like a sister to me now.
And my bf and her have a lot in common it’s fine I’m not the one who’s like my bf can’t talk to other girls
We are in the same friendgroup
But my friend is also interested in someone else but have a lot of expectations and everytime we talk about anything related to relationships or like guys. She’s always saying stuff that describes my bf to the dot.
Like his clothing or his texting and everytime boys are brought up shes always saying indirectly that I don’t put in enough effort into the relationship. I’m a private person in terms of my relationship like everyone knows that I’m dating someone but what moment or whatever special occasions I celebrate with my bf I keep to myself.
I didn’t think of it much until another friend of mine pointed it out.
It’s not exaclty bothering me rn as I don’t know how to react to the whole situation but like is it weird?
Or am I overthinking it ?
Like what’s happening and how should I react to it ?
Should I just ignore it ?

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Eddie Munson @eddie_204

You are just overthinking it


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