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Hello now and me community,
I actually haven’t vented on here for a while. This community is very helpfuland am just seeking some advice.

I’m really trying to turnover a newleaf, regardless of the new year and have been trying since mid-last year. I haven’t ever tried dating…due to me believing I have so many flaws. I feel like I’ve been hiding for so many years because of my intense insecurity…but seeing ppl I know in the dating pool makes me want to go back into hiding…I’ve always tried to keep my shit life circumstances to myself… But also am trying to let it go…and in that its easier to confront my past abuse is by speaking it out. I’m 26 and feel like I’ve lost so much of my life to something that’s not my fault…but still has a grip on me. I just feel extra strange that now people will see me…people I’ve known in the past .who have seen me as nothing but a quiet introvert…and it makes me feel vunerable but worse off…I feel like a loser…because I feel so left negind and beaten by life.

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Hey…thank you for sharing.
I hear you.

Believe in yourself.
You’re perfect, beautiful, kind and precious.
Go out there and live your best life.

You’re not less than anyone.
You have not lost time. When you are ready for something is the best time.
Keep working on yourself. Keep loving and being the best version of you.

You’re resilient. You’re powerful. You’re strong. You’re determined.

I believe in you.
You deserve to be happy.

I’m here for you.


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