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Hello! My boyfriend and I are on a break. Which I initiated as we were growing distant coz of various stresses in our lives. The first few days were easy, but today was just a very bad day for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, couldn’t take a prep exam as I Was too preoccupied and just laid in bed being sad. I mostly forgot to function. I need to focus on my GMAT prep and be done with it. The whole point of this break was to focus on myself but how do I do that when I’m too distracted. Does anyone have any tips/ encouraging words on how to deal with this.

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Im in a similar position; Men will come back. It is the truth in his actions that are hurting you. The longer he waits and the more he shows that he could live life without you - you realize that he is showing you something he won’t say :( I know this is hard, but if he doesn’t care the way you do then you should look at what the future holds, which is at this moment, silence… do you deserve that? as your taking tests for your future? what will last? The GMAT, something you will not forget if you do well with all this stress, you can do anything.

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