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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

shivam dubey @shivcool

hello m new here m 27 years old… I have anxiety and depression since I was 19 , I was practicing cricket and I was kind of good at it … it was my passion… but suddenly I started having panik attacks and I tried hard to get rid of it but… after 1 year I started depressing symptoms and things are getting worse… so I had to quit cricket and started seeking doctors help … iss beech meri life kafi problems se guzri but kuch dosto ka sath raha toh safar aasan raha but abhi bhi ek khalipan sa rehta h

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Tan3 @tanu_shree

This thgs take time to heal
Stay strong
And that’s good u have some nice 4nds whom u can rely on

shivam dubey @shivcool

yeah thanks… I know it takes time…


This might be a hard time for you…but it will pass away soon. If you are into some battles don’t let them knock you off. God tests them hard who are capable to fight it down… Keep going. You will do better ahead 😊😊

shivam dubey @shivcool


Ansuman @itscompliclate

Stay strong brother
After every dark phase there will be a light and I am damm sure someone will definitely fill that empty space soon
Just be strong.

shivam dubey @shivcool

thanks bro

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