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Hello lovely people! I’m a 20y/o female studying in university, I believe I know alot of people but I am not close to anyone because I just do not feel like myself around them and I’m usually lonely and I feel bad about it :(
Also, I am very sad at the moment because there was this guy who I went on a few dates with, he suddenly started ignoring me and when I asked him why he said harshly that I was not his type, this made me question myself thinking I was either too ugly or maybe I had a shit personality. All this has been bugging me too much from the past few days :( sorry for the vent i didn’t know who/where to talk about this

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Abdul Nasir @struggleronde...

I’m 21 and also studying in university. I feel your pain but in a different way. it’s difficult coz it makes u question everything about yourself. But it’s the guys loss trust me your value is beyond what he can see. I’ve fallen in love with someone and I don’t know if I should say I regret it but I can’t rally say that as who wouldn’t love her? But, I haven’t had a reply from her in over 3 months. I may just let go coz it’s too much but I know that it’s because it wasn’t meant to be and you should see it like that too. Hope things get better for you soon! 😊


Thank you so much! I think the best thing for you is to also let go because one thing i learnt is that if a person cares, they will try to keep in contact with you, and if you haven’t heard back from her in months then you have already got your answer. You deserve someone better than that, trust me these people know what they doing and they know it hurts us but they don’t value us enough to care about us :( it’s sad but we gotta move on

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Heyyy! Yes sure but I’m completely new here so I don’t have the access to connect/dm someone yet :(


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