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hello, I was wondering if anyone knows what is happening to me because sometimes I am short of breathe, even by the smallest movements. sometimes when I walk, stretch, even when I am sitting, or when I am listening to music my breathing gets uneven and I have to take my earbuds out and focus on my breathing…and sometimes I also have to breathe through my mouth, like big and loud inhaling. I have been like this since middle school but never told my parents.

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Hey…please share it with your parents and see an doctor . may be you focus on something specific whenever this happens and you panic as a result of it or you may be suffering of something like asthma . Please visit the doctor and take care of yourself…Don’t worry about sharing it…Be strong and do it with your parents …and i am sure you will be fine .

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Shruti @umanghai

In order to rule out medical reasons of chronic breathlessness, you may start by discussing your medical history with your family members. In case you have a negative medical history and there are no new symptoms such as inability to run , excessive fatigue even by minimum physical work, history of passing out, etc, you may not need to seek a medical examination.
Additionally, if you think that your problems are triggered by environmental, professional/occupational/interpersonal factors, u may be feeling breathless due to psychological reasons. Consider answering the following questions:
Do you Feel numb, Have Tingling sensations, Thoughts of loosing control, palpitations, Fear you may loose consciousness, additional problems such as constipation, irritable bowel, gastro-intestinal troubles, excessive thoughts, tendency to fall sick easily.
If you think latter is your case, you may be having anxiety related issues which are easily treatable by Psychological Intervention and pharmacotherapy. There are many online platforms where online counselling is provided.
I too am a certified Clinical Psychologist and provide online psychological services.
You can directly get in touch with us at:


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