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Daytripper @daytripper

I keep coming back to write here. Self-acceptance is the key to self-love and right now, I am trying so hard to make myself understand that even though I am feeling so down, the world has not ended. When I was friendless in school and college, it did not hurt me. I seldom bothered. But once I opened my heart to love and friendship, it always kicked me right in the face. Maybe I was wrong, maybe the people I opened up to is wrong. It does not make a difference as I know I have to start walking alone again. I do not know what I might find in the future, all I want is just not to be hurt again even after giving so much love.

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i can relate to u buddy…friendless most of my school life…just 2-3 namesake friends wanna me to comfort n provide for them as n when they needed…thts not friendship right…anyhow i had made friendship with this situation only so now it bothers me much lesser…just wanna tell u one thing…its not necessary that we find good company in only our age people…try befriending a child or a old person …they perhaps can change the meaning n dimensions of love for u

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Daytripper @daytripper

The pandemic has made the situation worse. I can’t get out of my home and her thoughts keeps haunting me.


buddy engage urself in some activity like learn a new language or some skill like cooking or painting or graphic designing…if that also dont interest you then engage in online voluteering in social work via which u can do good to someone , make ur time spent worthfully,learn some news skills,earn some social service certificate to put up in ur CV so all in 1 deal…think over once…n sorry for late reply…i m not much active here.


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