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Hello, I just wanna share my feelings and found this perfect platform to do so… I don’t know how to feel about this but does anyone get a feeling of losing a person who is especially your close friend, like the way they reply to your texts never feel the same anymore, the things we used to look forward to doing together actually led to many excuses building up. I really don’t know how to feel, im honestly very confuse and this person really stayed by my side when I was at my lowest. I wanted to talk things out with this person but what if I make it worse, this actually happened after we split schools from secondary education to tertiary education.

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People change especially when they experience new environment. But don’t forget that you both spent time together, he/she is still your friend, it will be better if you approach and talk to him/her. Don’t conclude anything unless he/she stated it. The time you decided to talk, try your best to understand her because that is what a friend do. You can do it. You’ll never know if you won’t try. Godbless:)

Mr_ @ali1008

Try to get urself involved into things u like.
gradually u will make frnds of same mind set.
we cannot tie someone forcefully in any relationship be it frnd or anything.
set him/her as a free bird, cherish the memories u had and plan for ur future and live for today…
learn to find happiness dear.


Something similar happened to me before. Someone I considered to be a true friend I received in my house, was with very often, texted constantly, shared laughter, etc completely stopped talking to me and ignored anything I wrote completely out of the blue. It was extremely painful also because I had no idea on what had happened. This person and I never spoke again and this happened many years ago. I cried a lot too. After thinking a lot, I realized the person had many mental and relationship issues and did not talk to his own family but I never had stopped to think that could also one day happen between me and him…and it did. So I realized that some people change, some were not your friends really, some have lots of mental issues you can’t fix for them and need therapy badly but end up hurting others along the way. In the past few years ghosting became a real thing…imagine being in a love relationship with someone and being dumped out of the blue. Many people hurt others very badly. Move on and you will be stronger. As you get older you also get wiser.


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