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Hello, I got this app because everything around me seems to be just fading my happiness,love,family. Everyone/Everything I mean I always wonder if I will ever find love because I’m aggrandizing if what they will think of me, I recently watched this show called “Never have I ever” and it had me thinking I wish I could just walk up to my crush and simply ask a weird question which he’s respond to as a “yes” all my life I have been looked down on because of my face and my height it kinda makes me upset because behind the scenes does anyone like me…

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I think it is best for you to Let some light in (positivity) you’ll light up everthing.

it is not easy as it sounds otherwise it would not be worth it…


We all have secret lovers. People who admire us from afar. You do too <3
You’re beautiful, so don’t let society decide how it wants you to feel about yourself. You love you, and I’m sure someone else does too!

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I honestly feel the same. From being isolated and having regular heartaches to being yelled by my own mother. I feel like nobody really loves me for who I am. They only love me for the things I can do. Its like everyone just wants to pressure me then use me. I just dont want to be alive anymore. I understand that I should know that my family isn’t like that but i just cant help but think that way. I’m really lost and I just want to cry in a locked room.


Even with a full family and two siblings I feel i grew up alone I grow distant everyday. I know there is someone who loves me. I just keep waiting and hope to be united.

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