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perzeival @perzeival

Hello i dont know much about this website but i dont know i guess i’m gonna give it a try. So about me a little bit… I can say that i’m quite an introvert person. It all started when I was young I think. I’ve read some articles saying that lack of communications with your children are dangerous. I guess I become this introvert person because of that. Since I was a kid, I didn’t talk much with my parents. My father himself is a kind of serious person but not always, he just talk whenever he wanted to. He’s quite a mysterious person because I think he kept many secrets with us, I mean my family. Same as my mom, but better than my father. Because of all of these, I grown up as an introvert person where I didn’t talk much with people. I only talk with person that I comfortable the most like my close friends and my grandmother. I’ll continue later

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It’s okay to be an introvert


Same here… I even can’t open up to people ,but it have put me in a lonely phase.

Rahul @broken2

I’m also an introvert but i’m a talkative person when someone talks to me but i dont really usually talk, i’m more like a Observer from a far… I only watched what people around me are doing, and i’m also a dominant guy sometimes… (dk if i’m really an introvert) but yeah there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert just do what makes you happy, Speak when it’s only necessary and yeah just do your thing 😆


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