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I am writing for the first time so please correct me if I am wrong.
I am not feeling good. I am sad and hurt. And the reason is that I thought the person I cherished and value the most does value me and respect me but I was wrong that person just kicked out me from his life. Without any reason.I considered that person as my best friend but that guy judged me and called me ugly I know I should have left him and never looked back but I grew so attached that now it’s hurting me a lot. I am feeling more sad by realizing the fact that he doesn’t even care and here I am feeling sad and lonely I think he didn’t even considered me as his friend I was just a last option as he always said and I made him my priority. I know I should be angry but all that I feel is sadness.

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Oh no dont be so sad . Okah ?! Just try to distract your thoughts. N try to make more friends. Like try texting other ppl .it might help .

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