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I am the only child of my parents and throughout my life, I have felt lonely and sad because I do not have any sibling. I do enjoy the privileges of being the only child and I share a good bond with my parents as well, but there are a lot of experiences that you cannot have when you don’t have a sibling. This has been one of the saddest part of my life and I have this constant feeling of loneliness.
I haven’t been very lucky in other relationships as well as whoever liked was either taken or not interested in me. This has made me even more lonely.
Over the years, I tried to come to terms with this but the loneliness doesn’t seem to end.
I am very happily single, and I am a very pampered and privileged kid (but not a spoiled one).
And this bitter-sweet feeling and the constant trade off between being privileged and lonely keeps me mentally occupied.
Even though my past relationships did make me feel better but I haven’t been with anyone since a very long time and this extra love (even after considerable amount of love for self) that I would’ve given to my sibling or my significant other feels unused and wasted and this makes me even more sad.
Please tell me how to try and not to constantly think about the missing things in life and be a little happier every next day.

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Hey! I know what you mean and how you must feel. I have been single for a very long time now and I feel that I have so much love to give but I don’t have anyone to give it to.
As you mentioned, “my past relationships did make me feel better” I think that’s the wrong approach as the only one who you should lean on should be yourself.
Why don’t you try to improve your relationship with your parents and your first cousins? Maybe that is something which makes you feel that you’re giving your extra love at the right place.


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