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Hello, I am Lala and I am new here. How I feel today is okay but that not amazing, I am always thinking about my weight every single second. I feel like I am very fat because when I look at videos and photos of other people, they have a bikini on at the beach or a crop top and skinny pants and they are so skinny, then I look at myself in the mirror and I always tell myself that I am so fat, and I just wanna be those people in the photos/videos. I am always eating and I try to exercise and go on the treadmill and do workouts but then when I go on the scale, I see that I weigh more then I did before…So if there is anyone out there that can tell me what to do or help me, or anything else…that would be great. 😔

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I am the fattest girl in my standard but u know what I also felt like u sometimes but I love my body and about clothing all my Instagram fam says I have a good fashion sense, it’s never how your body looks it’s always about how u want to keep it. well what’s your age ? So may be I can help you by giving some tips


Please dont over stress urself soecially by comparing ur bodies to theirs…dey r not u…u r u…yess u may sincerely take uo the workout or diet plan which doesnt lead to bad consequences but pls dont me negative on urself…may b someday u will become wat u want…also a side note…watever we see on instagram…its not neccessary to own or have…might be body money lifestyles ppl…coz they dont have the life u have…dear stranger…u will be fine really soon…just keep yourself motivated and dont forget to take breaks wen needed.


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